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released June 24, 2014



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VITAL TIMES Syracuse, New York

Ian, Mike, Blake, Kyle. Pop-Punk hailing from Syracuse, NY.

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Track Name: You can't fall off of a mountain
It's just the distance between me and who you wish that I could be.

You're safe and sound while I'm under ground. A separation of earth and wood. Plot and scheme to one day make it back to you, and to make up for all of the horrible things I do.

Between you and me, and all excuses aside.
Track Name: Nobody's home
nobody's home no body's home, no there aint nobody home, there're dishes in the sink but there aint nobody home nobody's home no body's home, no there aint nobody home, the lights are always left on, but there aint nobody home. Why do I get stuck with this mess, why do you think it is ok to do less than your best, why do you think I'm feeling depressed, this time, I could use a rest. nobody's home no body's home, no there aint nobody home, the front door is unlocked but there aint nobody home nobody's home no body's home, no there aint nobody home, you can hear the music down the block but there aint nobody home
Track Name: Terms of enrampagement
When every show is A movement, a revolt A protest of growing old

We need to Raise the masses of angry youth And scream from tallest roof top

And I know I should be writing lesser cliche songs With more meaning cause

Your punk band just can't can't stop singing songs About ex girlfriends and getting wasted

I can' t believe these kids are even fucking listening
Track Name: A Sense Of Place (Bald Man's Blues)
A sense of place, a sense of space, a sense of knowing I belong; but I sense ostracism, I sense that I did something wrong; The way you look at me, with those angry eyes, the way I berate you, I guess its no surprise; That where there used to be a fire that burned you to you core, is now a fading desire to strive for something more; And now I'm feeling like I'm older than I really am; every other year another failed band; These joints have never popped like this before and now I just wake up sore; I still have hair but I used to have more, I guess that I got what I was asking for.
Track Name: Who's the boss now, Danza?
We are born wrecked And breaking down these walls We're building bridges Out of our hearts and souls

We're screaming our lungs out in This basement might not hold us Much longer

And we are messed up But now we're growing up Still finding direction In all this chaos
Track Name: Adventures In Lumpy Space
We've been talking in our sleep I can't recall a single word Molly said to me Well, I've been traveling down these dull and dirty streets Looking for chances to revitalize and clean

She is tossing in her sleep She awoke to tell me all of her scary dreams She is tossing in her sleep Molly said, they are only dreams

When Annie grows up I hope she knows of The gift she gave us Because of her, ill never dream of scary things again